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Research shows that high heels make women in a way that trains their pelvic floor – and thus provides better sex.

Men like women in high-heeled shoes because the high heels make the women’s legs look longer. But women should also love high heels, although they can be a pain to walk in. Why? Because they provide better sex!

The explanation is simple. When you walk in high heels, you unconsciously tense the muscles in the abdomen, and thus you constantly train the pelvic floor. And a well-trained pelvic floor is, according to experts, the fastest shortcut to paradise.

Maria Angela Cerruto, a urologist from the University of Verona, is the one who has discovered the positive effect of high heels on women’s sex lives.

To get the maximum effect from the pelvic floor exercises, however, the heels must be no more than five centimeters high and hold the ankle at a 15-degree angle.

Maria Angela Cerruto studied 100 women under the age of 50, and there was a noticeable increase in muscle mass in the pelvic floor after they started walking in high heels.

Now the Italian urologist will try to prove that high heels can replace medically prescribed pelvic floor exercises.

So next time your partner complains about your shoe purchases, just remind them of this research since better sex almost always translates to more sex.