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Anal sex definitely isn’t for anyone. That must is evident from a new scientific study that finally gets to the bottom of which anal techniques women enjoy the most.

The study interviewed more than 3,000 American women aged 18-93, who were asked about various forms of anal play.

The answers reveal, what most of us already knew, that the anus can be an extremely sensitive organ. Based on the answers, the researchers defined the three anal techniques women like the most.

Women’s three favorite anal techniques

#1 – Anal surfing

Anal surfing is where the anus is touched on the outside by a finger, toy, or penis. 40 percent of the women in the study enjoy this technique. One in four says they’ve never tried it, and about the same number says they don’t like being touched around the anus at all.

#2 – Anal shallowing

Anal shallowing is where the anus is stimulated just within (the equivalent of a fingertip) by a finger, toy, or penis. 35 percent of the women in the study get sexual pleasure from this. One in four do not like it at all.

#3 – Anal pairing

Anal pairing is where the anus is stimulated outside or inside at the same time as there is vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation. The women who enjoy it report that it makes other forms of sexual stimulation even better. One in four gets a stronger orgasm from it, 17 percent say they achieve orgasm more easily that way.

Nine percent of women who enjoy some form of anal sex can also orgasm from that type of stimuli alone.

It gets better with time

The American study indicates that anal sex is an acquired taste for most people:

Many of the participants report that they didn’t particularly care for it the first time, but that they have since learned to love it. Some were 14 years old the first time they liked it, others were 72 before they enjoyed it.

They also say that emotional cohesion with the partner is crucial in that development.

Are you wondering why neither ass licking, rimming (tongue in the anus) nor anal fisting, are mentioned as anal stimuli? The researchers explain that those things are already defined and that there was no room.

The researchers hope that the study can help de-taboo anal sex and show that anal sex can be so much more than just a penis in the anus. So women can ask for exactly the kind of stimulation they like.