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YES! Just like that… is an online magazine about the most interesting subject in the world – sex. We blog about tips and tricks that helps improve your – and your partners – sex life.

We love exploring new ideas and advance discussions around sex subjects. We do this by writing compelling content that both educate and inspirers. Sexual health shouldn’t be taboo, it should be something that we all can talk openly about.

We have also published a book about the art of cunnilingus. The book is targeted towards men, but women can definitely also learn some new tips and tricks.

If you have an idea for an interesting article or you would like to give us some feedback, then drop us a message! We would love to hear from you.

The team behind

YES! Just like that... is run byme, Amy J. Fillmore. I'm an author and a blogger. I love writing about sexual health and how to improve people's sex life. When I'm not writing I love exercising and doing yoga which (fun fact!) also does wonders to your sex life.

Other than me I also get help from some very talented freelance writers who are just as passionate about sex as I am. The author and blogger - Amy J. Fillmore A picture of me - Amy J. Fillmore


Mailing Address: Amagerbrogade 43, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

General Inquiries: [email protected]


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