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If you’re ready to drive your woman really wild, then look no further. This list of 10 foreplay techniques are a must-know and a must-try in the bedroom tonight. If you need more information on pussy-eating techniques, check out our eBook, How to eat Pussy like a Rockstar.

1. Use your hands

Guys, I cannot stress just how important it is for you to use your hands during foreplay. Women love to be touched. Imagine your partner’s body is a temple and you’re worshipping it with touch alone. Be sensual. Caress her like she’s the hottest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. Great spots to touch include: hands, inner elbow, neck, lower back, breasts, and inner thighs.

2. Use your eyes

Now, I’m not saying that you need to maintain eye contact throughout the entire hookup. However, using eye contact strategically can be used as a foreplay technique to really get her pussy ready. Don’t be creepy about it—stay chill, but some solid and reassuring eye contact with a quip like, “I really love touching your body,” can go a long way.

3. Neck kisses

Give your partner some steamy neck kisses as the crescendo of your sexual encounter continues to rise. While you’re sensually kissing her neck you can easily slide your hand up into her shirt or down into her pants for some added kick. But don’t go under the underwear quite yet. Tease her and save it for later.

4. Make out

I really can’t stress enough just how important making out can be. Even if this is just a random hookup, or an FWB, making out is a means to an end. You want to get that pussy wet and ready, right? So, some mouth on mouth action can really help to get your lady wet at both ends.

5. Give her breasts some love

Once you’ve unlocked the ‘bra off’ level, you’ll want to start by cupping and caressing her breasts. Work your way up to the nipple sensually and make her beg for more like licks and sucks.

6. Tease her pussy

If you’ve managed to work her into a fury without even touching her pussy, now is the time to slip your hands down her pants and caress her outside the underwear. It will drive her nuts.

7. Focus on the clit

Once the pants are off, focus your efforts on her clit. Try out some different rhythms to see which elicits the most frantic response and then stick with that.

8. Give love to the rest of her vulva, too

However, if you’re really aiming to drive her wild, you can work her up with some clit sucking and then stop to kiss around her entire vulva, or play with your fingers. This will help her to plateau so she will orgasm even stronger when you start again with her clit.

9. Make her beg for it

Teasing can go a long way. If you’re the master of her orgasm and only you have the key to unlock it, she’ll eventually start begging for more and more. Keep up the tease.

10. Don’t stop with just one orgasm

If you’ve already brought her to one orgasm—don’t stop! Many women can already orgasm multiple times, and even the ones who can’t probably could with a little guidance from you. There’s nothing more amazing than a man who lifts his head from between a woman’s wet legs to say, “You want another one?”.